Christians for Yoruba Nation: Who We Are

 Christians for Yoruba Nation (CYN) was founded as a platform for concerned Christians in general and Yoruba Christians in particular, to intervene in the attempts at redefining the concept of Nigeria and the place of Yorubaland and her people in it.   

 CYN is not advocating a “Christian” Yoruba Nation, for we recognize that the Yoruba Nation is a multi-religious society hence all her citizens and residents shall have the freedom of worship, more-so when the Yoruba Society has a tradition and Global reputation of religious tolerance within itself.This religious tolerance is a major aspect of Yoruba National culture and as an example of societal harmony where members of the same family practice different faiths without disruptions in family relationships.  


CYN is following on the footsteps of early Yoruba Christians, like Mojoola Agbebi, James Johnson, Samuel Johnson, Ladejo Stone et al, whose pioneering efforts against colonial invasion of Yorubaland and by extension, what later became Nigeria, led to the realization of cultural nationalism as a condition for Independence.



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